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The Band

The band has its roots from the 90's alternative music scene in Manila. Heavily influenced by the community, culture, and sounds of that era, they have evolved into a combination of every genre that each of the members experienced along the way and perform music that speaks to the audience.

The band hopes that their no-template approach to anything can produce a signature style that will reflect in their melodies and compositions.

This Indie Rock Band will not take itself seriously, but will work hard to service the purpose their friendship evolved into and hoping to gain recognition along the way.

Last Song Bea

Nimrod | Donie | Erwin | Richard | Luke | Homer

The Band: About
The Band: Who We Are
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Nimrod Laquian

Guitar | Music Director |
Always Innocent

Donie Dico

Lead Guitar | Vocals |

Erwin Dimaculangan

Guitar | Vocals | 
The Stick to One

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Richard Parcia

Guitar | Vocals |
It's always his fault

Luke Bayhon

Bass | Vocals |
Church Guy

Homer Colico

Drums | Percussions |
(Ex) Porn Star

The Band: About
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Our Biography

Last Song Bea was borne out of a group of individuals with a true passion for music that accidentally met at Pete's Place Musicroom. The members are culled from different amateur and professional bands, covering two generations of musicians, with only have one thing in common: friendship.  

Ever since coming together in 2014, they have been privileged to share their devotion to music and live performances with friends but decided to venture out. Having overcome many challenges in their early years, they are keen in creating a distinct sound which is an amalgam of their influences, non-complying with any template, and just express themselves freely.

They are inviting everybody to come along for the ride. 

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